Who we are!

We are a not for profit community of people involved in educating and sharing in many areas such as geology, rockhounding, mineral collection, lapidary and jewelry arts through a variety of club and community activities.


What we do!

Our monthly club meetings include guest speakers, demonstrations, silent auction along with

rock and mineral identification. We sponsor classes in lapidary, jewelry making and a
variety of field trips for gem, mineral, and fossil collecting.

Our annual rock and mineral show, held at the Canby Fairgrounds in October, offers a wide variety of learning opportunities including the preparation of the rock and mineral materials that will be for sale, and displays of our members’ skills. 


You are invited!

We welcome you to an exciting hobby for all ages! Attend a meeting, a field trip, our rock show, classes and more. Each monthly club meeting includes a presentation or demonstration, silent auction and all visitors receive a free collector’s specimen. 

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Upcoming Events
Visitors are welcome!

February 2019, 7pm, 3rd Tuesday
      Missoula Flood
        Presentation by Jim Urbaniak

Jim Urbaniak, an expert on the prehistoric floods of ancient Lake Missoula, will be discussing where these floods came from, how they formed and their impact on the landscape we see today throughout much of the Pacific NW.

Photo provided by Jim Ubaniak

     Junior Rockhound Activities: 7-8pm

How Rocks Are Formed and Crystal Formations!

Image by Bimo.unpasoadelante
Various rock formations are substances made of molecules that bond together in specific patterns to form interesting shapes. It could have smooth straight edges and/or flat rough surfaces. Not all rock formations are the same and each kind has its own special shape. 

Silent Auction*

March 2019, 7pm, 3rd Tuesday
      Prehistoric Super-predators 

Image by DiviantArt

            Presented by Dr. Orr
        Dr. Orr and Mrs. Liz Orr
will be introducing 2 new books:
            Geology of the Pacific NW
            The Cultural History of the Willamette Valley

     Junior Rockhound Activities: 7-8pm
Difference between a Rock and  a Mineral!  
What is definition of mineral and Rock? 
How many minerals are there in the world?  
Facts of each formation:igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. 
Introduction to Rock Identification 
Study various ways by which we can identify minerals, including color, 
crystal shape, luster, cleavage, and hardness. 

Silent Auction*

April 2019, 7pm, 3rd Tuesday
      Idaho Gem Sites
NW Federation Library DVD Presentation
by Duane Flackus

    Junior Rockhound Activities: 7-8pm
Jr. Federation Presentation Preparation 
Individual and  Group Display case design.
Guest Speaker
Curator from Rice Museum 

Silent Auction*

May 2019, 7pm, 3rd Tuesday
      Micro Mineral Photography
        Presentation by Beth Heesacker

Top photo - Possibly Hemimorphite
Bottom photo - Fluorite + Hemimorphite
Photo's by Beth Heesacker

Micro-mineral Photography - The photographing of minerals so small that
you need to look through a microscope to really see them, is very
different from snapping a "selfie" or a picture of a beautiful sunset.
In this presentation I will explain my camera setup, the process in the
computer along with some pictures I have taken, commonly called "eye

       Junior Rockhound Activities: 7-8pm
Introduction to Rock Identification Continued
 Focus on Mohs Scale of Hardness.

 Silent Auction*

June 2019, 7pm, 3rd Tuesday
       Wire Wrapping PowerPoint
with Cindy Yablok

   Junior Rockhound Activities: 7-8pm
What is a Fossil? 
The Forms of Fossilization. Make-a-Fossil: 
An Activity with Clay and Plaster 

Silent Auction*

July 2019, 7pm, 3rd Tuesday
        Rock Auction & Potluck

Image by Broome Country
Image by Clipart Library

Junior Rockhound Activities: 7-8pm
What is a Fossil Continued? 
The Forms of Fossilization. 
An Activity with Clay and Plaster Science
Join in Club Picnic Potluck 

August 3, 2019

Club event coming up ...Don't miss visiting the 

Clackamette Mineral and Gem Club booth at 

Summer Fest 2018 at the 

Rice Museum in Hillsboro August 4-5, 2018. 

CMGC members get in free with their name badge and/or a current 

CMGC Membership Card. 

The Rice Museum is also affiliated with the Smithsonian.

For more information Click here!

August 2019, 7pm, 3rd Tuesday

        Rock Bingo

Image by Getty Images

 Junior Rockhound Activities: 7-8pm
Jr. Federation Presentation Preparation  
Designing a individual and group Display case design 


September 2019, 7pm, 3rd Tuesday
    Fluorescent Show by Bob Oblack
Fluorescent Show and Presentation by Bob Oblack
Enjoy the color and beauty of rocks, minerals and fossils glowing in the dark…
Learn the science of Fluorescence...
Bring your “gem” to the meeting & see if it glows! 

   Junior Rockhound Activities: 7-8pm
Jr. Federation Presentation Preparation
Preparation for club show and final dress rehearsals.

Silent Auction*

October 2019, 7pm, 3rd Tuesday
    Show Planning

Image by Somerset Learning Platform

 Junior Rockhound Activities: 7-8pm
Juniors hosting activity for General Club meeting 
and formal Jr. Federation presentations Program

Silent Auction*

October 26-27, 2019, Saturday & Sunday
55th Annual Gem and Rock Show
For more information click on the "Rock Show" Tab or

November 2019, 7pm, 3rd Tuesday
 Lapidary, Jewelry, & Rock related Equipment Display: 

Club members will bring in their lapidary, jewelry and rock related equipment and exhibit at our November 20 meeting for the benefit of our new members and guests.

We expect to have rock related tools, such as saws, tumblers, faceting, grinding, polishing, and marble making equipment, along with gold panning, jewelry and beading tools.

This is a good place to ask question and get answers! See you there! 

Image by John Marshall
    Junior Rockhound Activities: 7-8pm
Introduction to lapidary equipment and using a rock tumbler.
Join regular club for viewing of equipment presentation.


December 2019, 3rd Tuesday  
6:30 pm - Note the early start
    Holiday Party - Potluck - Gift Exchange

Image by Clipart Library

        Board members will provide turkey, ham and the fixings!

        Club members are asked to bring a side dish or salad and a dessert. You will also             need to bring your own table service.

        Each member should bring a wrapped gift for the gift exchange. If the gift is                    specifically for a man, woman or child, please note that on the gift.

        Also bring canned goods for the church’s annual food drive.

       6:30 pm - Note the early start!!!

       Junior Rockhound Activities: 6:30pm

Juniors note earlier start time

Short meeting  

 Join the Christmas Party/Potluck/Gift Exchange  

Coming soon - Events - Dates are pending
Critter Party - Make rock critters
Rock Wash - Spring and Summer
Making Pine Needle Baskets

*What is a Silent Auction?
A silent auction for rocks, minerals, and lapidary material will begin at 7pm and close when the meeting ends. Each auctioned item will include an individual auction sheet on which bids may be entered. At the close of the auction the highest bid amount wins. Bids may be made throughout the meeting.



For questions or comments please email rockhound@clackamettegem.org

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