Who we are!

We are a not for profit community of people involved in educating and sharing in many areas such as geology, rockhounding, mineral collection, lapidary and jewelry arts through a variety of club and community activities.


What we do!

Our monthly club meetings include guest speakers, demonstrations, silent auction along with rock and mineral identification. We sponsor classes in lapidary, jewelry making and a variety of field trips for gem, mineral, and fossil collecting.

Our annual rock and mineral show, held at the Canby Fairgrounds in October, offers a wide variety of learning opportunities including the preparation of the rock and mineral materials that will be for sale, and displays of our members’ skills. 


You are invited!

We welcome you to an exciting hobby for all ages! Attend a meeting, a field trip, our rock show, classes and more. Each monthly club meeting includes a presentation or demonstration, silent auction and all visitors receive a free collector’s specimen. 

Upcoming Events

Sept 19 
Julian Gray- How to Dispose of Your Collection 
Everyone is welcome!
We see it so often.....a lifetime rock collector passes away, and his heirs have to dispose of his belongings; many times his valuable collectible specimens are given to whomever will haul them away, or after all his years of sorting, identifying, and grouping of minerals, they are now sep-arated and dispersed to anyone who comes to the neighborhood garage sale. Have you ever thought about what might become of your prized rock collection? You do not have to leave them to a museum, or to an estate sale rep. There are other alternatives that Julian will present. I think it is an important topic that as far as I know, a subject that has never been discussed at one of our meetings.

Oct 17 
Show Planning 
Everyone is welcome!

Nov 21 
Equipment Display 
Everyone is welcome!

Dec 19 
Holiday Party and Gift Exchange 
Everyone is welcome!

For questions or comments please email rockhound@clackamettegem.org