Rockhound Field Trips


Rockhound Field trips are an important part of 
Clackamette Mineral and Gem Club experience.


Image by University of Arizona


What is a Rockhounding Field Trip?

Rockhounding is the recreational collecting of rocks, minerals, fossils and gemstones
in their natural environment. Rockhounding field trips make this possible. While on the field trips prospecting we learn about geology, minerology, and identification of stones.


Where do we collect rocks and minerals?

The Pacific Northwest has a wide variety of rocks, minerals, fossils and gemstones. We explore and prospect many interesting places such as rivers, streams, valleys, mountains, beaches, roadcuts, desserts and forests. We also occasionally visit museums and rock shops.


What do we collect?

Below is a sampling of materials that have been collected on club field trips.
We have collected many “varieties” of all the following materials.

Oregon Fire Opal
Petrified Wood

Who can participate in field trips?

Any current member is welcome to participate in club field trips.
Rockhound field trips are a great way to meet interesting people, ask advice, and learn how to
use tools and gear. Field trips are a member benefit.  All ages are invited to join our club and become a member. Visit the Membership page for more information on how to join the club or contact us by email at

2020 Field Trip Schedule

Feb. 15th-Molalla Day Trip#1.  

Feb. 22nd – Rice Museum.  Garret Romaine tour guide.

March 21st-Molalla Day Trip #2. Cancelled

April 17-19, 2020, Friday - Sunday - Southern Oregon Coast Cancelled

May 8-10- Yachats Beach Combing. Group Campground at Cape Perpetua Campground for three nights. There are minus tides this weekend so a great time for beachcombing.

May 15-17th (Weather delay date: July 9-13) - Succor Creek. Public Campground camping. Free collecting of Thundereggs and various other materials.  Cancelled 

June 12-14 – McDonald’s Rock Ranch, Ashwood, Oregon. This is a fee dig site that offers thunder eggs, petrified wood and plume agate.

August 15th – Ape Caves, Gifford Pinchot NF, WA. This is a long day trip that takes us into one of the longest lava tubes in the US. Cancelled

August 27-31th – Oregon Fire Opal. Private Claim. Outside Lakeview in Southern Oregon. T
hen on to the Double Eagle Sunstone Mine

September 26th – GIVING BACK --National Public Land Use Day. Maybe Hampton Butte. Filling in holes from other rockhounds. Hosted by 
Oregon Council of Rocks and Mineral Clubs.  More details on the Home page under Events.

Photo Gallery 

Joe Cotta Field Trip

Succor Creek Agate and Thunderegg

Oregon Coast Field Trip

Molalla, Oregon Field Trip

Oregon Fire Opal and Spectrum Sunstone Dig Site

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